How to Insert Symbols UsingYour Keyboard

How to Insert Symbols Using Your Keyboard
I’ve always wondered how to insert symbols into your text.  Well I did some research and I found some easy to use short keys.  Hopefully this can make you life a little easier.  Which one will you use the most?

Alt + 0153….. ™… trademark symbol
Alt + 0169…. ©…. copyright symbol
Alt + 0174….. ®….registered ­ trademark symbol
Alt + 0176 …°……degree symbol
Alt + 0177 …±….plus-or ­-minus sign
Alt + 0182 …¶…..paragr­aph mark
Alt + 0190 …¾….fractio­n, three-fourths
Alt + 0215 ….×…..multi­plication sign
Alt + 0162…¢….the ­ cent sign
Alt + 0161…..¡….. ­.upside down exclamation point
Alt + 0191…..¿….. ­upside down question mark
Alt + 1…….☺….smiley face
Alt + 2 ……☻… smiley face
Alt + 15…..☼…..sun
Alt + 12……♀…..female sign
Alt + 11…..♂……m­ale sign
Alt + 6…….♠…..spade
Alt + 5…….♣…… ­Club
Alt + 3…….♥…… ­Heart
Alt + 4…….♦…… ­Diamond
Alt + 13……♪…..e­ighth note
Alt + 14……♫…… ­beamed eighth note
Alt + 8721…. ∑…. N-ary summation (auto sum)
Alt + 251…..√…..square root check mark
Alt + 8236…..∞….. ­infinity
Alt + 24…….↑….. ­up arrow
Alt + 25……↓…… ­down arrow
Alt + 26…..→…..r­ght arrow
Alt + 27……←…..l­eft arrow
Alt + 18…..↕……u­p/down arrow
Alt + 29……↔…lef­t right arrow

What Successful People Track in Their Lives

What Should You Be Tracking???

What Successful People Track in Their Lives

Whenever people ask me for time management advice, my first tip is to try keeping a time log. A week has 168 hours, but I’m guessing you have no idea how you’re spending many of them. I certainly don’t. Keeping track helps us know where those hours go.

I’ve also been keeping a food journal, in an attempt to lose 10 stubborn pounds that don’t seem to be going anywhere. I’ve been logging my weight. I’ve been logging my minutes and miles run. I’ve been logging my blog views.

Does all this tracking seem narcissistic? Perhaps, but I think there are several virtues to the well-measured life:

  1. Logging keeps you accountable. I do not like to run for its own sake, but jotting down my mileage, and seeing the numbers add up toward my annual goal, is an additional source of pleasure.
  2. Accountability boosts willpower. As soon as I started keeping a food journal, I found the wherewithal to stop eating cheese on the week days — a habit which, along with a heavy pour on the red wine, might have been contributing to those stubborn 10 lbs. I did not want to write down those extra calories. Or the third glass of red wine.
  3. Logging makes you mindful. After tracking my time for the past few days, I realized that, when I am worn down at work, I tend to log in to Facebook  (only reading the minifeed), this activity is pointless.  So today, instead, I decided to to pick up the phone and call my sphere to check-in.
  4. Metrics make you better. Thanks to my daily tracking counts, I can see what blog titles — on very similar topics — get the most clicks. If I have a message to share, I’m starting to learn what headlines will help my cause, and which will hurt it.

What should you be tracking in your life?

  • Calories?
  • Miles Ran?
  • Hours of Exercise?
  • Chapters Read?

What ever it is, start it today; because, tomorrow is too late!


Roseville Date Night at CRUSH 29

1480 Eureka Rd Roseville, CA 95661
(916) 773-2929

CRUSH 29 in Roseville, is amongst the premier restaurants in the Placer County Area and is perfect to take your significant other for a date.  The atmospere is extremely lively even with the smallest of crowds.  And the food is absolutly deliteful.  Make sure to start the night off with their signature spcialty drink the “Sweet Jalapeños Martini”.  This drink has just the right amount of Vodka, sweet lime juice and house sweet & sour,  and is garnished with fresh sliced jalapeños.

Sweet Jalapeño Martini


For starters we had the ”Nut Crusted Brie”, which is rolled in phyllo dough and chopped pecans under a jalapeño infused orange marmalade sauce.  This dish definitely complemented our “Sweet Jalapeños Martinis”.  Emily, our wonderful waitress, told us it is by far the best thing on the menu and it did-not disappoint.  We followed up with the “Coconut Tiger Prawns”, which are wrapped in citrus zest bread crumbs with a Thai chili pepper aioli.  Both these appetizers where top notch and I would recommend them both.

Nut Crusted Brie

Coconut Tiger Prawns

For the main course, we had two of the house specialties, the ”Chicken & Prosciutto Pasta”, which has herbed papperdelle noodles, almonds and butternut squash in a nutmeg cream, and a wild mushroom red wine sauce to top it off.  The second, was the “Hawaiian Spiced Ahi” which was on a macadamia nut rice with a ginger infused coconut plum wine sauce.  I would recommend both these house favorites to anyone.  Both dishes offered plenty of food and where absolutely delicious.  So much so that we where unable to make it to desert.

Chicken & Prosciutto Pasta

Hawaiian Spiced Ahi

To wrap it up, if you are looking for a great place to wine and dine, CRUSH 29 in Roseville, is the place to go.  A great atmosphere with just the right ambiance, to make it romantic or casual.  If your looking for a place for your next date night, this is your venue.

The Circular Bar

Roseville Date Night at Suede Blue

Roseville Date Night at Suede Blue

1400 Eureka Road, Roseville,CA 95661

If you are looking for a fantastic place for a date night, then look no further.  Suede Blue is a classy restaurant with wonderful food.  Our waiter Christos did a phenomenal job with his recommendations and definitely took the best of care when serving us.

Ahi Poke Cones

We started off with the Ahi Poke Cones which where filled with diced fresh Ahi with soy, ginger and honey served with a soy chili dipping sauce.  This appetizer was small and refreshing leaving room for dinner.  They where very appetizing.

Ahi Poke Cones

Tess decided to go with the the Filet Mignon which is their most tender steak cooked to perfection and served with your choice of au gratin, mashed or baked Yukon potato.  Tess decided to go with the baked Yukon potato and a medium rare filet.  The meat was very tender and cooked just right.  I had to steal a bite to find out for myself just how great it was.

Filet Mignon with a Baked Yukon Potato

I, on the other hand, decided to go with the Prime Rib which is seared with salt and pepper crust, and then slow roasted.  I love my meat rare so you can see in the photo that my cut of prime rib was very pink.  I substituted the vegetables for the potatoes and would definitely not have changed my mind after just one taste of the veggies; they where amazing.  The meet was to die for and was so tender that I could literally pull it apart without a knife. To complement the prime rib I went with Suede Blue’s House Cabernet which completely exceed my expectations of a “House Cabernet”.

22 ounce Prime Rib and Vegetables


To recap, if you are looking for a fine dining type of restaurant to take your significant other to in Roseville, Suede Blue is your place.  The atmosphere is soothing and the folks working there are very good at what they do.  I would give this place two thumbs up!








Should You Buy a New Home or an Existing Home in Roseville and Rocklin?

It’s official:  after years of little to no activity, home-builders are dusting off their tools here in Roseville and Rocklin.  Last year housing permits hit their highest level since 2008, according to the Census Bureau, and new-home sales grew 20% from the prior year.  The builders in Roseville and Rocklin are more optimistic than they have been for years.

An untouched home offers advantages, of course, such as a sleek modern and open layouts and few repairs.  Buying an existing home, however, may allow you to seal the deal faster and can offer you and your family a much better short-term price appreciation.  These head-to-head comparisons can help you decide which choice better fits your needs.

Sales Price

Winner:  Draw

All else being equal, new structures typically command 10% to 15% premiums over similar existing places.  You’re unlikely to be making an equal comparison, however.  “In most of Roseville and Rocklin, the lots in the best locations are already gone.  The newest homes are often built farther from centrally located areas and many have smaller yards than their older counterparts, so they can wind up costing less.  What you won’t find in either place is the lavish incentives tossed to buyers during the bust; those have largely disappeared but I feel they are on the cusp of returning.

When you’re visiting prospective homes, check the numbers on both the lot size and the layout.  A spacious existing home that’s overflowing with the current owners’ stuff can look and feel cramped, whereas builders use lots of tricks, such as putting in full beds instead of kings or queens and removing interior doors, to make a new home’s space seem larger than it really is.


Winner:  Existing

Most builders today are selling new homes from models.  Once you agree to purchase, the actual construction begins.  The upside:  there are still a lot of ways to personalize your home, such as adding extra storage, creating an office, choosing your color scheme, and more.  The downside is that the finished product will not be completed for anywhere from six to nine months.  This can make it difficult for those who need to move soon.

Timing the purchase is also a challenge when you’re looking at waiting period.  List your current home when you agree to the new home and you risk selling too early; wait until your moving date nears and you could be stuck covering two mortgages until you find a buyer and close the deal.  Ask a realtor how fast homes are selling, and if necessary discuss strategies to get yours sold quickly.


Winner:  New

After a few decades, roofs get leaky and boilers go bust.  You’ll spend an average of $18,000 on a new roof and $3,000 for a new furnace.  New homes also carry lower utility bills.  Energy use per household has fallen over the past decade in part thanks to changes to building energy requirement and codes, which call for more insulation and tighter sealing.  This should continue to fall further in new homes as Rosevill and Rocklin homes are held to a high standard.  New construction on average is 30%-40% more efficient than existing homes.


Winner:  Existing

While handy homeowners can reap the benefits of sweat equity, a new home offers very little room for improvements and is likely to sell for about the same price as others around it.  New homes are for the most part based on a set of conforming architectural styles.

Prefer new?  It can pay to buy into a development early, since builders typically raise their prices as construction progresses (particular if the homes prove popular).  This has been seen through Roseville and Rocklin, particularly in the Crocker Ranch and Whitney Ranch subdivisions.  The risk is that there’s no guarantee how the neighborhood will turn out.  Ask the builder how many are under contract and how many area being bought by investors rather than primary buyers.  “Empty Lots” can become “Empty Promises”.


So, to recap,  the choice is yours and ours alone.  New construction rates will continue to rise this year in Roseville and Rocklin due to increase of prices and a lack of inventory.  Interest rates are slowly rising and they will continue to do so this year.  Property values have been on a steady increase.  Borrowing money is cheap right now and you do not want to be sitting around in a few years saying I could have or I should have.  Find a local expert to help discuss your options and I wish you all happy house hunting.


Source: Money Magazine- March 2013

Zocalo at the Fountains in Roseville

Zocalo at the Fountains in Roseville, CA is one of the best spots in town.  Just ask Sandy H., one of the many great waitresses/waiters at this fine dining establishment.  We started off with the Carnitas Nachos which have just the right mix of guacamole, sour cream, tomato, green onion and pinto beans sautéed in chorizo and mixed with queso.

Sandy recommended the Cochinita Pibil and the Baja Tacos.  The Cochinita Pibil is a smoked shoulder of pork in an achiote rub, achiote glaze, habanero salsa and pickled red onion. The Baja Tacos are beer battered fish tacos with chipotle aioli, pico de gallo and their repollo.  Served on three house-made miniature flour tortillas. We had both entrees and they where both phenomenal. They where both great sized dishes so make room in your refrigerator before you head to dinner.

Cochinita Pibil

Baja Tacos

We are fortunate to have such amazing weather in Roseville which allows you to enjoy a wonderful evening time dinner in the outdoor patio area that has just the right amount of lighting and seating.

The owner Scott Kim even stopped by our table to check in with us.  He was very welcoming and enjoys hanging with his clients. He makes sure to make a warm and welcoming type environment which guaranteed that we will be returning.

We capped the night off with a Margarita de la Casa from the head bartender Alex B.  His Margaritas give you a feelig of being at home, hearing the sweet sounds of agave spiraling up the freshly squeezed lime tree growing in the backyard of your summer cottage – just enjoying life. 100% Blue Agave Blanco Tequila, Agave & Lime.

So to wrap it up.  If you are looking for a wonderful date night in Roseville, CA, Zocalo at the fountains is the spot to go! 

To set your reservation visit:

Sacramento Hits #1 for Real Estate Selller’s Market

Sacramento Hits #1 for Real Estate Selller’s Market

With the real estate purchasing season upon us, sellers have all the power for an increased amount of markets throughout the country.  This is due to decreasing inventories, and increasing home prices.  According to, The following are the Top 5 for sellers market.  Notice Sacramento, CA is #1!
  1. Sacramento, Calif.: Inventories have declined here by 67.20 percent in January year-over-year while median prices have increased 40.2 percent.
  2. San Jose, Calif.: Median prices have risen nearly 25 percent year-over-year, and it ranks fourth in the inventory for tightest inventory. A strong economy is giving a boost to rents and home prices.
  3. San Francisco: Inventory shortages have created a seller’s market here with list prices rising more than 20 percent in the last year.
  4. Phoenix-Mesa, Ariz.: List prices have risen 23.59 percent year-over-year, while inventories have fallen nearly 16 percent.
  5. Washington, D.C.: List prices have increased about 16 percent in the past year, while inventories have fallen 30.77 percent. Washington, D.C. is one of the country’s priciest markets with a median price of $429,000.



Valentine’s Decorations

The other day I happily put together some little Valentine’s Day decorations around our house.  Splashes of red here, little touches of pink there, lots of love everywhere, and ta-da!  It feels pretty sweet around here.  To see how I decorated for this same February holiday last year, click here.
< Hearts, love, and candy on the kitchen island >
< Candles and other red and pink decorations on these kitchen shelves >
 < I  love this little collection of candle holders, red foil garlands, and a garland of lighted hearts >
 < A simple little display on our kitchen table >
< A little party-ready display >
 < Inspired by this tablescape, I created a little Valentine-bash-ready table of my own >
< Love the fresh flowers in this centerpiece! >
Source:   Melanie Borchardt

Let a reverse mortgage be the gift that keeps on giving…

While you spend time catching up with family during the new year, you may notice that some family members continue to struggle in this economy for one reason or another.  This month I’m going to share my personal experience with you.

This past year my dear aunt passed away from a long time battle with cancer and her husband in his seventies was left to raise the two teen aged grandchildren that have been living with them almost since birth.  Unfortunately, with her passing, also came the loss of her income and this has now caused some financial stresses on him.  He has his monthly SS income and a small retirement account for reserves and owns his home free & clear.  This is his total income and assets.

At this point it looked as if the grandchildren were going to have to move out of state with another relative or with some financial help from family, they would be able to stay here, which is what they wanted.  Regardless, the situation was going to pose a hardship for my uncle and his family.

When I brought up the idea of a reverse mortgage they had not given it a thought. In fact, they knew very little about reverse mortgages.  My uncle was under the impression that the bank would own his home and this was something he did not want (the bank does not own your home).  After updating my family about reverse mortgages and dispelling some of the myths they had, they realize how it could be a good solution for his situation.  My uncle continued to drill me with good questions waiting for something negative to arise.  I’m happy to say that by the end of our reverse mortgage conversation, he mentioned to me how grateful he was to be able to have the opportunity to keep his grandchildren with him, in his home, by his side and without creating a financial burden to anyone else in the family or for himself.

It is during the holidays that families get together with their loved ones and it becomes apparent that maybe your favorite aunt or uncle are having a hard time keeping the lights on, or even just being able to keep food on the table.  This year it hit my home and I am very thankful that I could take part in the solution to my own family’s situation, and that I could share it with you!

If this rings a bell you owe it to yourself to learn or just update yourself on what could be a missed opportunity to help someone you know or care about with a reverse mortgage.  Please contact me if I could be of any assistance to you,  I look forward to assisting you in 2013!



Liz Baeza-Peck – Business Development – American Pacific Reverse Mortgage Group

p:  916-791-3760 x 321  f:  916-960-1070 –

CA DRE # 01215943  NMLS # 1850

How a Reverse Mortgage Can Save Your Transaction

Uh oh, accepted 45 day offer on a purchase with no financing in place!

One would think that with having a family member in mortgage banking, other family members would take the proper steps to get financing in place BEFORE putting an offer in on a home purchase, right?  Well unfortunately, in this case it didn’t quite work that way!  Simply having that 20% down and adequate credit scores does not qualify one for financing these days;  and with self employed income, traditional financing was not available for the investment property purchase.  The other option was to withdraw from annuities and savings together to pay cash for the home.

After exploring all options, and since he and his wife are both over the age of 62 and they own their home free & clear, they decided to look at how a reverse mortgage works and how it could help them purchase this investment property.

As it turned out the best option was to move forward with a reverse refinance on his current primary residence and pull the full cash amount out for the purchase, and leave the remaining amount left over ($90,000) from the reverse mortgage in a credit line to use when needed in the future.

Why this turned out the be the best option and most beneficial for my family member:

-  No income or credit qualifications.

-  Was able to keep annuities and savings in place without triggering taxes or penalties.

-  The money left in the market can continue to grow when the market rises in the future.

-  Will have zero monthly payment on BOTH owner occupied property AND new property.

-  Will be creating monthly income from the rental.

-  Both properties will be “rising with the tide” in this current market recovery for combined appreciation  in the future.

-  And last but not least, this was NOT a lost transaction for all parties!

My family member is SO grateful for this reverse mortgage being available as an option that turned out to be the best for him and his situation.  Please let me know if a reverse mortgage could be a solution for you, your client or a family member that may think is out of options (even when they think they are out of options)!



Liz Baeza-Peck – Business Development – American Pacific Reverse Mortgage Group

p:  916-791-3760 x 321  f:  916-960-1070 –

CA DRE # 01215943  NMLS # 1850